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10 best ideas to make money now

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The pursuit of financial freedom

The pursuit of money and financial freedom is steep, it often seems we’re going in circles, was stuck in a rut or were not getting very far with what we’re doing as of yet.

I surely know how this feels, quite frankly when working a week or two you see that money accumulating but then, the vast majority of it goes on bills, then you need to do your grocery shopping, plus a lot of the time we often spend a percentage of our paycheck on things that we don’t need, especially food (Yup, you know who I’m talking about.

Below I have outlined 10 of the best idea’s and methods to make money, of course, this doesn’t mean that it will work for you, and there is no guarantee that any of them will work, but there is potential in what I am about to show/tell you.

But before we get into it, let me ask you something.

Would you like to become self-sufficient? would you like to be in charge and in control of your life, where your money comes from, making your own money and ultimately be self-employed?

Then why not try blogging or YouTubing (Super easy to start with little to no risks involved so you won’t be losing out on as much as if you were to invest or buy a business).

If you would like to read more on creating your own blog, starting out, setting things up and creating that first beautiful post that may lead you to success, then click here: How to create a blog step by step (with images).

But enough of getting off-topic, let’s get into my personal thoughts on 10 of the best idea’s/methods to make money, let’s begin.

1. Investing in either stock and/or real-estate.

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There has been controversy and argument as to which of the two is a better market to invest in, both have their pro’s and con’s, the pros for investing in the stock market is a higher ROI (return on investment) and you can make ongoing profits as the company produces an increase in successful sales, the cons though is that the risk of losing your money is higher as well as the market fluctuating way more than say if you were to invest in retail.

Retail, on the other hand, is still risky but is safer to determine whether you should invest in it or not, the return on investment is still high though not as much compared to the stock market and with the stock market, you get continuous profits (though again, risky with the constant fluctuation of the demand of what you’re investing in).

So don’t let what I’ve said here deter you from furthering your research into this, go have a more in-depth look if you’re interested in investing in real estate and/or the stock market.

2. Sell unused and unnecessary item’s around the house that you no longer use.

Got any unused stuff around the house? I’m sure that you do, think about all of the clutter that you’ve accumulated over the years, or months.

Think how much money you could make, and fast, so that works out for you if you need some quick cash for an emergency, to pay some bills that came up all of a sudden out of nowhere.

And at the same time, you’re also clearing out some unused space so you can use it for more important things.

I know that when I need some quick cash, I look around and try to remember what I have that I no longer use that often, so I put it on facebook’s marketplace to advertise to locals around me.

3. Investing in digital currency.

There has been a huge controversy & talk over whether or not it would be wise to invest in a digital coin or not (an online digital decentralized currency, meaning it is not solely owned by a government and the price is dependant on the demand of its market).

There are three methods at obtaining such currency, one is cloud mining at which you pay a company who runs mining farms to pay for the costs of electricity as well as them in general and hope that the prices rise and get a profit from that, purchase an ASIC miner and mine yourself (although the pricing for electricity will be astronomically high) or use software that utilizes that aspects and resources of your computer/pc/graphics card to mine bitcoin.

However, there is a browser (similar to chrome and internet explorer) that has the same mining algorithm as an ASIC miner) that mines bitcoin in the background while you just use it to browse and watch youtube videos and it is called: Cryptotab

Cryptotab relies on a pooled network where you refer newcomers to download the browser via your referral link, that links connect your Cryptotab browser account with their’s and they’re added to your network, pooling everyone’s resources together to earn you some bitcoin, so download Cryptotab browser today and start earning bitcoin for free!

4. Clock in more hours at work and work overtime/cover other people’s shifts.

I know I know, no one wants to work more, I mean that’s why you’re here right? to find ways to not have to work even more or even harder at your current job, but why not work just a little bit more for some more money? it won’t kill you plus, at the end of the week, you’ll feel even better about yourself with that extra bit of money.

5. Start a youtube channel.

I mentioned this briefly before when I brought up blogging, but I want to bring it to your attention again because apparently, youtube is beginning to be more caring about its YouTubers as (this is just from what I have heard) in terms of advertisers paying you more for having their ads on your videos, youtube giving you the option to have more ads throughout your videos and more.

As you grow more in subscriber counts, you will unlock more features such as super chat in which people can donate to you, monetization which is how YouTubers get paid from those ads you see before, during and after their video’s, and a membership for people to join your group, you can charge some amount of money for people to purchase the membership.

So why not try? I’ve heard there’s less competition to make money on youtube as say if you were to start blogging. however it is still a competitive space and you’ll have to upload your own, originally made content and not just reupload somebody else’s to make money, even if it were marked as creative commons (Anyone can reuse it and upload it).

6. Babysit

Don’t mind being around or taking care of children? have you any experience (personal or professional) with looking after young ones? then why not try to see if there are any babysitting jobs near you or offer to look after families children for compensation while they go out somewhere?

It won’t be as much as working in a factory or an office job, but it’s good money for what you’re expected to be doing, everything is provided – house, food for the kids, their sleep time and regimen, all you need to do is be there with them and keep them from danger (if any arises).

7. Create a lawn mowing business

Have you got a lawnmower or can you afford one? do you like the outdoors or mind getting a bit sweaty or do you like hard work, well why not start a lawn mowing business and be in control of your own income? depending on the lawn size, the cost of petrol for your lawnmower, how far your client is and the grass heap (calculated expenses you must account for), and how much you would charge will determine how much profit you’ll be making for yourself.

8. Become a dog walker

Love animals? they don’t complain to you or talk back, they’re great companions and you know what they say about dogs being a man’s best friend.

Why not turn your love for animals into something that you get paid for? you’ll be surprised at how much dog walkers are wanted, people want/need to do their own things and other things in life, they just don’t have the time for their beloved animal companions, that is where you come in.

You’ll be walking them for half an hour to maybe two hours, all you need to do is walk around a block or two with the owner’s pet on a leech, however, make sure you take a few doggy bags with you though, as there will be no doubt that either you or the dog will need to go to the toilet.

9. Write an E-Book

Do you enjoy writing? publishing? perhaps you have a knack and creativity for introducing something that people would be interested in reading?

Then why not take advantage of that knack and publish an e-book? an e-book is essentially a book that one can read online from a device such as a tablet, a phone or an iPad,

It will have to be enticing to read though, most probably over 50 pages and will have to really capture the reader’s attention, you will have to be a master about what you choose to talk about on your e-book, but once you publish that bad boy, that will be passive income for years to come, it will be online for people to purchase forever and you can just sit back and watch your e-book sell, there will be unlimited stock since it’s an online digital product.

A famous and well-known place where you can publish your E-book is on Amazon Kindle.

10. Affiliate Marketing

As the internet is nowadays, I’m sure you’ve come across the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’ or head the term chucked around.

Affiliate marketing is promoting someone else’s product and then if someone purchases that product through a link provided to you by an affiliate marketing website at which you found that product on to promote, then you get a percentage of what the product sold for.

Sounds great right? unlimited stock, no spending money (unless you do ad campaigns), and there’s huge profitability compared to working by the hour under someone else (in most cases).

I use affiliate marketing in some of my posts as well, and to see some really successful affiliate marketing people and businesses thrive off of affiliate marketing, well that’s just another indication that you should try affiliate marketing out.

Take away

Well, I sure hope that this post has opened and introduced some idea’s to you, we are always on the prowl to make more money, especially in today’s society where bills and housing are increasing, the demand for certain resources are going up.

The majority of our money would go toward the essentials, we are always trying to find that way to bring in an extra source of income, we often take out loans and in some cases to just feel financially secure, in my own personal experience and studies have shown that the main and major cause of stress is related to finances, thus we try to find a way to earn more money to eliminate that stress.

For my recommendation, I would like to show you how to create your own blog here.

For, obviously I would like to create a full-time income from it but I also want to provide you with valuable information to which we can both thrive off of and to implement within our own lives to further our pursuit of success.

Sound any thoughts in the comment section below, maybe comment on what you would like to see in the next post? maybe you would like to forward, this is James, signing off.

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