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10 Side Business Ideas for 2020

A new year is about to arrive; so is your resolution to make more money. Similarly, technology is evolving as well as our world and we need to stay on our toes to win the race. In other words, a new year will bring new trends and new demands from the consumers. Don’t forget, you need to upgrade your lifestyle as well to keep yourself up-to-date in society in 2020.

Thus it is a great time to start your sidekick of making money. Side businesses are a great aspect to establish your dream career on a small scale. They are almost risk-free and help you to gain experience and a good amount of money without resigning from your full-time jobs.

Therefore, as 2020 is the year of revolution, we are giving you 10 side business ideas to start in the upcoming year. These are simple businesses that will be in high demand next year. You will need specific knowledge of the niche and small investment to start any of the mentioned business.

Additional Note: You might already know some of the businesses, but they are on the list because they are and will remain in the demand in the future.

Lead generation for small businesses

Lead generation is the future for small businesses. With the rapid growth of the internet and technology, there is no doubt that the future generation will likely rely on the internet for their sales and purchase.

However, they don’t know how to rank their sites on Google and create more leads.

There you will come in the picture and guide them to attract more customers towards their online store.

You can start this business as a part-time job but you need focus and eagerness of learning to perfect this skill.

Firstly, you need to learn the ups and downs of lead generation. Several online courses are offered in this regard.

Secondly, you need to pick a niche to help any business to get the lead. For example, you can pick the wellness industry to provide the lead.

Thirdly, optimize your site and target one city for the specific niche. You can analyze its ranking and help them strategize to earn a brand name for their businesses.

Your initial step must be to create a perfect portfolio for your work so that you can attract more clients.

Virtual assistant

No matter what your primary job is, being a virtual assistant means you need the organizational skill and focused mind. Though it is not a simple task, it will be easier for you if you are already doing difficult tasks during your day-time job.

You will need to do administrative work including managing tasks, attending phone calls, sending emails and managing social media posts as a virtual assistant.

You can search for remote jobs on Indeed and other sites for applying for this work. Or, you can start your service blog for this purpose. Apart from this, many freelancing sites like upwork, have plenty of jobs for virtual assistants.

Smartphone Case Business

Unlike other online businesses, this business needs a small investment of money. If you have a knack of creativity, this business can help you earn a decent amount of money.

People around the world are using smartphones. Having a unique smartphone case is the craze of many smartphone users.

Therefore you can start this business by e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay before launching your website. You can hire someone to create the design of the smartphone case. Similarly, one or two workers can make cases. Don’t forget that Etsy is the smartphone case business that earned more than $60k annual income in its first year. Thus, start this business before the supply gets higher than demand.

You can start an online store and promote it via digital marketing, SEO strategies and pay-per-click service. Or, you can contact local mobile shops around you and provide the supplies at a lower price. At first, you have to minimize the profit before you make a name for your brand.

Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is indeed not a new term. But hundreds, even thousands of businesses and websites need an affordable and reliable digital marketer to rank their sites and promote their business.

Remember that digital marketing is not limited to the ads on social media pages. It provides the connection between the consumers and suppliers with the help of social media pages and the internet.

So the strong knowledge of content creation and build a strong foundation of social media followers are the necessary part to start your business.

Nowadays, the popularity of Instagram is growing rapidly and you can sell your services via this platform. Besides, the freelancing sites are a great source to find potential clients or at least create an attractive portfolio.


Dropshipping is also not a new concept but you can do it now at your home. This is a kind of business of a middleman who purchased the goods in bulk from the suppliers and sells them to the consumers.

The best way to start this business is to connect with Amazon and eBay sites. This business needs brief research and a business strategy to get it to work. It is better if you choose any category for the product to narrow down your hustle. For example, you can choose the skincare product and research about which products are in demand in your area.

Besides, you can also work locally but you need to make reliable contacts and understand the quality of the products before purchasing the merchandise and sell them out.

Car Sharing Business

Do you own a car? You don’t need to own one when you can use the car of others without the hectic work of finding a suitable parking area or spending on its services.

Having a car is more than luxury and people are searching for the car-sharing agencies in their area to prevent this hustle. It means you can use the car without owning it.

Thus it is a great possibility that most of the owners of the cars will not own them anymore. It means the demand for car-sharing business will be soaring high. Hence starting this business is a wise decision without leaving your 9 to 5 jobs.

Once you establish this business completely, you can leave behind your boring full-time job. 

Water Supplier

Forget about all of the supplies of fancy food and other products and find life in the water.

Establishing water business is going to become an atom bomb in the future as unfortunately, our water resources are waning rapidly. Likewise, finding clean and pure water for drinking can be a hectic issue in the future.

Therefore starting this business is a wise idea to generate more consumers in the future. As the demand for bottled water will increase, the consumers will turn to the established business first. So, ensure to make a name of yourself in this industry before new competitors start getting in.

You can supply bottled water to the homes and hotels around your area.

Social Media Manager

Social media pages are the online presenters of business. Likewise, the content of social media needs the mind factory of the substance called brain which is found in humans.

In other words, social media pages are managed by the social media content creator or manager. They not only create engaging and compelling content for the social media pages but also answer the comments. In short, a social media manager is responsible for the whole campaign of the business. So if you are going to do this business, you need to be creative and innovative to attract the masses on social media platforms.

Not only this, you can earn a great amount of money by doing this work in your free time. If you think you have the charm to be the voice of some brand, go for this business.

Instagram Influencer

Do you know Huda Kattan? The makeup artist; whose style and look allure you to purchase the specific makeup product which she uses. She is an Instagram Influencer.

Since its establishment in 2010, Instagram has been growing with each passing day. There is a huge possibility that Instagram becomes a bigger thing than Facebook in the upcoming years.

Though becoming the Instagram Influencer is not an overnight feat but you can achieve a massive amount of followers with the right strategy. You need to choose the niche as per your hobby, interest or passion. Once you establish a large number of followers, the brand-related to your niche comes to you for advertisement. You need lots of patience and creativity to earn money through this means.

Online Coaching or Teaching

There is always something in which your expertise lies. From tutoring to counseling, online training is becoming a new trend of learning and teaching. 

On the other hand, we are in an evolving era which is also a stressful aspect in itself. Everyone wants the constant motivation to become a part of this racing world. Most importantly, everyone wants someone who can push them towards their goal without pushing the wrong button.

Here lies the need for online coaching. With the internet, you don’t need a specific office for the sessions. Just design the right site to present your service and advertise them to get new customers. 

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