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A Complete Guide to Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a digital form of earning commission working as an agent. However, this modernized form of selling products and services provide a long way of making money. Besides, if well done, it is a great source of passive income as well. However, it is not a straight road to get-rich-overnight. On the contrary, it requires lots of effort, hard work and patience to become successful in this industry. 


  • Cost-effective; requires little to none investment to start, 
  • It doesn’t need a warehouse to store products, 
  • Easy to navigate, 
  • Best for digital entrepreneur, 
  • Can increase the income flow of your physical business, if you have one, 
  • A great source of passive income. 


  • A tough competition, 
  • Requires plenty of time and effort to attract quality traffic, 
  • The payment from the merchant is uncertain, 
  • Choosing a bad product can lead you to lose of quality traffic. 

What is Affiliate marketing? 

There are plenty of definitions about affiliate marketing which involve numbers of parties. Basically, affiliate marketing refers to the profession in which the affiliate marketer earns a little amount of commission from the merchant by promoting the product and services. 

Moreover, affiliate marketers provide the anchor text in the content of the affiliate site which directs the consumers to the page where the product will be available. T

The affiliate marketer can be: 

  • A blogger, 
  • Consultant, 
  • Life coach 
  • Personal advisor. 

Overall, affiliate marketing is the profession for the above-mentioned persons to lead the generation to the affiliate sites to promote the product and earn a commission. Besides, you should know your audience to urge them to buy the product while reviewing and promoting them. 

The Involved Parties

Basically, the affiliate marketing involves two main parties except for the affiliate marketer; consumer or merchant. However, the third party also involves in many cases which is a network to track down the numbers of consumers make the purchase via an affiliate link. So, the parties involved with affiliate marketing are: 


It is the source where you get your paycheck. They pay you referring their product and services to the valuable customers. 

Affiliate marketer:

it is you who sales the product and convinces consumers about the usability of the product on the behalf of the merchant. 

The Network:

The networks like Amazon Affiliate Program, Clickbank, JVzoo, Hotmart, Clickbooth can detect the sale from overall your affiliate link and calculate your profit according to it. Though it is not necessary to involve the network as a third party, it can enhance your credibility. 

Consumers or customers:

First of all, they are the backbone of your business. By reading your review about any particular product or service, they trust your judgment and purchase the inventory. In other words, you earn your commission through this purchase which cost is already added to the price of the goods. 

Therefore, if you want to embrace affiliate marketing as your mean of income, then these tips will help you to stand out the crowd: 

Choose the Specific Niche

The specialist doctor is better than the general one. So, it is better to write about a particular niche and review the products related to your niche. For example, if you have a passion for writing about travel you have done, you can review the products like travel gadgets and accessories. Not only this, but you can also review the joggers you have used during the journey. 

By choosing a specific niche, you narrow down the search of your readers. For instance, if your reader wants to upgrade their cooking range, they know where to look, if you write only about kitchen gadgets. Furthermore, some affiliate only writes about more specific products like only writing about one kind of product. Such as, one affiliate has been only writing about hair straighteners. 

Pro tip:

In addition, try to review the product which you like to purchase for yourself. In this way, you can keep your interest in writing and provide an honest and valuable review to your customers. 

The Secret within the Content 

What is the purpose of the content if it does not attract plenty of traffic? So, you need to write compelling and convincing content for your readers. It is not necessary, you have to write something out of the box. On the contrary, you can write something simple without intricating complicated words. 

Besides, you can also grab your audience’s attention by writing comparison articles about the same products of the different companies. For example, you can compare the top ten microwave of the latest year. In this way, you analyze each product and make your reader as a judge. Hence, you leave the choice in their hand and whatever microwave they use, you can gain the profit from its merchant. However, remember to analyze its drawbacks as well. 


A webinar is a modern way of telling your audience what they want to listen to instead of writing them. Showing the live performance of the products help your subscribers to look at the product closely. For instance, if you write about android cell phones, what your audience prefer? The features of the cellphone or is it worth their money? 

Therefore, you can show the camera result, accuracy of the OS and other features of the cellphone live via webinar. Besides, this is also a good way to answer the queries of the audience and build mutual trust by showing them instead of telling them. 


Upsell is a great way to compensate for the higher commission by encouraging buyers to buy an expensive product. Basically, you have to offer something free along with the product to lure the buyer to make the purchase. It is a way adopted by a true businessman to sell their inventory out. 

SEO Efficiency 

If done effectively, SEO helps you to gain lots of traffic. It is a tool to attract specific consumers to your blog who want to buy the product. If you are a writer like me and crap in SEO, you should hire experts to do this task. 

Besides skyscraping is a technique that helps you even when you know nothing about SEO. You have to find the quality content according to the specific keyword and write a better version of it. Additionally, you can also add additional information regarding keywords to make enhance the quality of the content and answer the question which is left by your competitors. 

Do Efficient Email Marketing

Email marketing can never get old fashion. It is another efficient way to attract traffic to your content and increase your sales. One of the best ways to get more subscribers is to offer them a free ebook regarding the niche of your blog. For example, you can offer them a free recipe book, if you review the kitchen gadgets. 

Besides, your sidebar is also the best way to get the subscriber. Don’t overdo it with lots of options. A simple call to action helps readers to drop their email address for you to approach. Secondly, once you establish the numbers of subscribers, you can start sending them engaging emails.

Pro tip:

Don’t make it all sale but try to approach the problems they might face. For example, if you write about courses about personal development, you can email them some tips about reducing the stress before suggesting some courses about happiness and cure to anxiety. So, just try to keep in touch with your readers. 

PPC Traffic

Pay per click is a great but expensive way to attract plenty of traffic to your blog. So, it is better to do when you have a high budget and have already made enough sales. You can do it either through Google ads or Facebook ads which help you to attract your target audience to your site. Once you believe that your site is established and you have enough content to offer to your client, take this route. Hence, this is the final but not the last step to boost your sales as an affiliate marketer. 

Mistakes to Avoid 

As an affiliate marketer, you need to understand where you stand. So, consider the following things to avoid the mistakes as an affiliate: 

Disclosure and Trust

Firstly, tell your audience clearly that you make money through the affiliate link wherever you put an affiliate link. It is also regulation of the FDA, you have to follow as an affiliate marketer. But, it also helps you to build trust with your readers by disclosing the affiliation. 

Don’t be a Salesperson

Secondly, not become the voice of the brand you are selling, but the friend of your readers. In other words, try to adopt an honest approach by telling them the pros and cons of the product or services. 

Add only Single Hyperlink

Thirdly, too many ads can put off the readers. Try to put only a single affiliate link in one article while giving the information to your audience what they want to come to your site. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, affiliate marketing is the best way to earn a good amount of money and have a passive income for a longer time. However, it is not an easy path to take. You need to do your research to know the thick and thin of the industry. Besides the competition is quite tough. So, I recommend you to do some valuable courses to learn where you should go as an affiliate before diving into the ocean of affiliate marketing. 

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