James Atafu here, and I see that you’re interested in shapeup4success and it’s mission, well let’s get to it, shall we 🙂

My name is James Atafu (I can’t believe I said it again in the next sentence), and I am the main author, founder, and owner of the blog Shapeup4success.com

And the mission for shapeup4success is to bring you some of the best articles in money-making as well as wellness and lifestyle, perhaps you could grab something valuable from them.

Maybe implement some tips, techniques, and advice you will find throughout this blog to your own life, improving in progress and furthering your journey toward success.

But as the main focus for this blog is to bring you awesome tips, methods, and advice in making money as well as bettering your own life and health, I would like to become a full-time blogger and earn money through both Affiliate Marketing as well as Ad Monetization through AdSense.

Everything that I put on this blog is trusted information, as well as whatever product that I decide to sponsor or to promote, has been personally tested by me and that I would trust them enough to allow my family to use them as well.

A bit about me:

You already know my name, I have been from job to job (working as a temp/freelancer and I quite enjoy it), it’s been a rather good journey so far, I’ve hit my ups and downs, it hasn’t always been clear for me, I’ve been through quite a few struggles (and I’m sure you have to).

However, I still struggle with both social anxiety, I’ve more so overcome my depression and paranoia but a little bit of it still remains, I don’t appreciate being spoken back to, taking to many orders and being told what to do and when to do it by (unless its for study or something).

I’m quite charismatic, analytic, logical, philosophical and realistic.

I have gone from town to town and have few friends here and there so I often feel alone, but I try to find people whom I can connect to.

I try to push myself out of my comfort zone so that I can experience or at least try to see what joy I can find out there,

But creating this Blog, it’s such a nice piece to be able to express yourself on, to express your ideas, beliefs, viewpoints, your own experience, what you think is the best to make money, buy a house, invest or whatever life may bring for us.

I would personally like to aspire to become a jack of all trades, gaining experience in all areas of life and to become self-sufficient, from business to knitting your own clothes, from laying down the foundations of a road or footpath to the target of where technology is taking us.

I would really like to get into business though, study for a degree and perhaps either create my own business and/or sign in to a reputable company.

My goals and aspirations

My goals and aspirations for the long term is to pursue the self-employment route and with this Blog and with your help, I think I can make that dream a reality, so many people say that I cant make money with a blog or to go on to say that I won’t go that far and those big companies like Google Adsense doesn’t even need what I have to offer.

I don’t think I can handle too many people telling me what to do to long, it will actually drive me crazy and most of the time I do get told what to do multiple times by the same person, I really want to say something that I shouldn’t haha.

But that is why I want to, and it is absolutely a necessity that I create something that I can call ‘working for myself/self-employment’.

If I can do this, I can not only feel good about myself in confidence, I can provide a better future for my family as well, put more food on the table and will allow us to finally enjoy the finer things in life 🙂

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