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Become a man of high value.

Becoming a person of high value.

We all would like to be the best version of ourselves, wouldn’t you?

Want to be seen as some who is worth more than what they already think of you?

Most people are either not being paid what they are worth, or not getting what they deserve.

And this is because we often settle for less as opposed to strive for more.

But you might be asking yourself, what is a high value man or person, essentially a high value person is a person of marvelous stature and who knows what they want and how much they’re worth.

Let’s answer the question.

What is a high value man/person?

A high value man is a man who knows what they want in life, knows how much they’re worth and isn’t willing to settle for any less than what they deserve.

Or what they believe that they deserve.

To some, a high value man/person might seem arrogant and like a snob, but in fact this is the opposite and they just know what they want out of life’s circumstances.

Essentially, a high value man thinks differently to how most of us do, and their perception allows them to get ahead of others.

But one of the most important factors which plays a significant role in determining the value of a person is their ability to walk away from situations that don’t benefit them.

People get stuck in a rut because of their inability to walk away from either broken relationships, arguments or situations that you may not like.

With all that in mind, watch this video which explains a high value man in a nutshell:

Ultimately, the perception to which we view ourselves and our worth is very different from how others will view our worth and value.

Others will view us at a much lower worth of value than what we view ourselves to be.

Increase/exert confidence:

Tap into your inner Alpha Male

Society has always been in a constant war against your self-confidence. It’s become a natural thing to have been affected negatively by it and have only small fragments or bursts of confidence and self-esteem here and there.

You’ve been in a never-ending war that you may or may not have known that you were in with yourself.

Think about all the times that you’ve had your self-esteem attacked, your confidence and morale hit, really take some time out to think about it.

It happens in almost every circumstance doesn’t it? whether it be a small or big hit, your self-esteem gets hurt.

Become more observant and aware of your self-confidence and self-esteem and try to formulate plans on countering it.

Protect and better enabling yourself to do battle with this constant war required an unshakable belief and will within yourself. Your confidence must be the shield that protects you.

Change your perspective and your life will ultimately change along with it.

See yourself as the king that you are.

You are the king of your own life, you’re the prince and ultimately, you’re in charge of your own destiny and what you want to do with it.

You are who you are, never let others treat you any less than what you deserve.

You must condition yourself. Through constant self-talk that you are a king, and that you should treat yourself as such.

But what does being a king mean for yourself?

Well it depends on your definition of what being a king means.

Depending on how you perceive yourself and how you fit in the world around you.

The usual stereotypical view of a king is that of a tyrant that is utterly consumed with the aquisition of wealth, leading to greed with gluttony and is somewhat of a selfish manner.

The proper and true values of a king should be that of valour and pride, knowing when he is right and wrong, builds his wealth, and makes the world around him a better place.

As my life continues to grow, I try to exert these values and ultimately, view myself with a high stature and that of a king (the proper kind).

Now I am not saying that I’m perfect nor am I saying that I practice these values to the T, I still find it difficult in disciplining myself in such a manner.

You need start believing more in yourself and the abilities that you have at your disposal.

To be less sensitive to what others will say or believe.

You are the king and you deserve what a king rightfully deserves, work towards proving yourself worthy to a throne and build and improve upon the skills that will get you there.

When you begin to condition yourself, to give off a presence that you are indeed a king, you will undoubtedly change how you perceive the world around you.

  • You demand/exert respect.
  • You become more assertive.
  • You don’t take peoples abuse/rotten behaviour and shit.
  • You look after yourself more.
  • You don’t enslave yourself for a potential partner.
  • You don’t bow down to anyone.
  • Your presence exerts power.

You will begin to see yourself building an aura around yourself that will naturally push people to perceive you and treat you differently.

However, you don’t want to be the arrogant know it all man that nobody likes and almost everyone disrespects.

You want to find what your relationship is like amongst the masses through your experience as viewing yourself as a king. This is entirely different from the light at which you are currently viewing and treating yourself up to now.

Before, you were on the defensive, but now you are on the offensive, but you are working your way up in fighting against the war that is within yourself. You will need to learn how viewing yourself as a king not only changes yourself but how those around you perceive you, of course, this will take time and patience.

This change in mindset and perspective will be a massive game changer for yourself!


Self-confidence is an absolute necessity as well as vital in becoming a person of high value and stature, but if not backed by anything, then what’s the point.

The process of where your perception of yourself as king will be self-improvement.

Self-improvement is focusing on yourself, working on yourself daily, ultimately becoming a better version of yourself and improving on the area’s that you deem important in your life.

Everyone has different aspirations, objectives of interest and perceptions of what it means to be a king in their own right.

Essentially, this means that your self-improvement strategy will be uniquely different to others. This will require you to take a good long look at yourself and force yourself to piece together who it is you want to become and what skills you want to build to get to that point.

But do not feel discouraged if you don’t know as of right now, that’s expected and is normal when you start off, instead start off with enjoying what you like doing and your passions.

This can be singing, performing arts, dancing, exercise etc…

You need to find the things that you can enjoy doing and figure out how to become better at it daily. Also try to determine your strengths from your weaknesses, work more on your weaknesses and what you are lacking as it is pivotal to work on, leading to growth and improvement.

There is no one particular right way to do anything, there are only ways that works better for you. Your focus should be on becoming a better person as an individual.

Everything you do will make you better, this is your reality.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Change your perception and you will ultimately be changing your reality.

Everything you do can and will make you a better version of what you were yesterday.

Everything though they may be negative or positive provides you with value. Value that will make you into a better individual and point you toward where you want to go.

For the most part, anything negative or positive is instantly pushed into the emotional side of things and an individual actions a decisions from an emotional standpoint.

A girlfriend breaks up with a boyfriend:

A man or male who isn’t directing himself toward self-improvement will feel extreme sadness/loss and become depressed. Emotions invade his psyche and he will spends weeks, possibly even months on end trying to figure out why this happened and what he did wrong and plotting ways to get her back.

He will attempt to change what he did and create an ultimately false hope, that it will be enough to get her back. The inability to get her back will propel him further down into depression as he will spiral into darkness for many months, potentially a year only to slowly and gradually rise back to his state of the norm.

A male who that is directed towards self-improvement will feel the same feelings of sadness and sorrow , but can put it aside quicker and to work his way up to his baseline/normal state. He will attempt to figure out what just happened, but doesn’t get fixated on the relationship itself.

Maybe he messed up or she was taking advantage of him. Either way his self-improvement alignment will push him to transform his negative state for the betterment of himself. Pushing himself to become a better version of what he was yesterday, learn from what happened and to move forward.

One man gets stuck in the hardships of life, and the other man uses the hardships to come better and stronger. Self-improvement provides a way to bounce back from the lows, regardless of what happens you’re learning and gaining.

The same concept applies toward woman as well, if a boyfriend somehow does you wrong, use the situation to force yourself to improve and become better.

Improving yourself, just like building self-confidence and seeing yourself as a king will take time, however it is an absolute pivotal aspect in our lives that we must work on.


You have built an almost impenetrable shield of confidence that cannot be shaken, your self-improvement mentality allows you to find value in any given situation, and now you will develop the right habits that will propel you to further heights.

You will stand out from the rest with the habits that you will adopt.

Habits define you. You need to be strategic about the habits that you adopt.

Habits must revolve your passions and what you care about most, and the type of person that you would like to become.

The habits that I try to incorporate are:

  • Proper Exercise.
  • Self-improvement.
  • Discipline
  • Health & Wellness

And many more.

Only you can find out what habits you would like to adopt, keep in mind that these habits must coincide with the the type of person that you would like to become, make sure that these habits work with you and for you.

You’re the king, and a king requires habits that would lead him to victory.


Being a man of high value is a lifestyle. It is not something you become overnight. It is a constant grind and demands patience and real effort.

The younger you are, the more you should focus on laying the foundations and building blocks that will provide the support in becoming a high value male. Becoming a high value male will allow you to make more money, find happiness and contentment but to still strive for more, get women and ultimately take control of the wheel and to steer your life in the direction where you want to go.

Society is constantly on the attack and the path/journey to living as a high value male will be one that will test you and test your endurance. The foundations you build today will enable you to build up structures and create habits that will support when life’s hardships put you to the test.

Becoming a high value male is difficult and challenging, but if you start off slowly and gradually work your way up, you will be able to live the lifestyle of a man of high value.

But there is no other way of living, You are indeed a man of high value. Now you are going to show it by living the life that you want and building upon those very foundations that will support you in moving forward and bettering yourself.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day.

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