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Become an alpha male & take control

What is an Alpha male

I’m sure you know what an alpha male is, or at least have heard it and for those who haven’t, an alpha male dominates his group, essentially they are the leaders of their packs.

At least that is the base definition of what an alpha male is according to the animal kingdom hierarchy.

But were not talking about the animal kingdom are we, we’re talking about our kingdom, the kingdom of humankind and how we can become leaders in our lives.

But being an alpha male (at least according to us) doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to become a leader and lead a group of followers, dominating your social group and society arounds you.

When we talk about becoming an alpha male, what it means essentially is to take control of your life and the situations that you’re forced into and to bend those situations to your advantage.

To not be so quickly angered, but to be assertive at the same time, to take opportunities where the come but to not compromise your own integrity for those opportunities, to know when you’re at a loss and move on to the next best thing that benefits and suits you, and to know when to walk away.

An alpha male as the phrase implies, mostly concerns males but the same concept can also be applied to women as well, but the female counterpart to a lion is a lioness so we would refer to the women as a lioness or; how to become a lioness.

But let’s digress.

So, we know what an alpha male is from that very small description at the top.

So now we must ask and answer, how do we become alpha males and what being one can mean and do for you, well without further ado, let us begin.

How can I become an Alpha male?

Alpha male - Lion

What makes a man an alpha male is determined by a bunch of factors though, we can hone in and practice these factors so they are not inherent.

Anyone can develop the awesomeness that is the Alpha male, what traits and key points they have that differ them from their followers or others.

Let’s tick off the attributes that an Alpha male has and what one would need to develop in order to be considered an Alpha male:

  • Confidence in oneself.
  • Drive/motivation and inspire.
  • Focus/determination.
  • Courage/bravery.
  • The willingness to persevere when others would give up.
  • Knows when to walk away.

Let’s discuss these traits in more detail:

Confidence in oneself.

The Alpha male exerts confidence toward others and his surroundings, he establishes that he is quite competent and confident in himself and his abilities as well as passively demands respect from others.

No, he doesn’t go up to people and asks them to respect him thoroughly, naturally and without having to initiate anything or ask anyone, his presence alone in enough to demand the respect and kindness from others, because he is that much confident in himself.

Think about it, some say confidence is everything and it is understandable why it could be, everyone loves someone who is confident and outgoing, ready to face the inevitable and adversites out there, though this is not to be confused with arrogance and cockiness.

So be confident in your abilities and what you’re able to do, people will become naturally attracted to you in time without putting in much effort (if at all!) to do so.

Drive/motivation & Inspire.

An Alpha male is driven and motivated by what he could achieve, his own aspirations and getting things done. In a nutshell the more motivated you are, the more people will want to jump on board the train that you’re on and carry on with you (at least for as long as they can or they want to).

Well you have to have something to back confidence with right? or at least something to use that confidence with/for.

Being driven and motivated will also inspire those around you to do better for themselves as well, it’s like looking at your leader and following suit, you naturally want to do better in your life because someone else who may or may not be similar to you and may or may not have gone through the same or similar things than you is trying so hard to make things better for themselves, then you will want to do the same to.

Naturally, we want to be happy, healthy and free to do what we want, an Alpha male will see those 3 key aspects and do almost anytihng that is ethical and within his standards and capabilities in order to achieve those 3 aspects in his life.


The Alpha male is determined and focused on the task before him.

He is determined to complete it and designates absolute (or the majority) focus in order to achieve and complete the objective that he has been given.

Without being distracted much, He is absolutely engaged in the task at hand and won’t stop until he is finished.


It takes courage and bravery to face life’s adversities day in and day out, especially when venturing into unfamiliar territory, and that’s another key trait that’s required to be an Alpha male.

Facing your fears with little to no hesitation, the Alpha male rises to the challenge rather than to cower in fear over what could happen or come to be.

We all have courage/bravery within us, we just need to channel it, and the more challenges and hardships that we face, courage/bravery will start to show naturally.

The more we face, adds to what we have, remember the old saying: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? well you know what, it couldn’t be more true.

The willingness to persevere when others would give up.

This one basically shows the four mentioned above, when others give up, the Alpha male continues to persevere.

As a leader and a dominant of the group and or society, he will not turn down an opportunity to show what he is made of and to show how much he differs from the rest of his cohort, continually pushing out exceptional work ethic and to go up and beyond the call of duty.

So show the world around you that you’re not just your average guy and show that you’re capable of so much more than they perceive you to be capable of.

Knows when to walk away.

As an Alpha male, you’re assertive but not aggressive, you;re determined and will do whatever it takes to get the task done and see to it that you complete whatever you set out for, however, when you’re at a loss you will know when something or the situation no longer benefits you and walk away.

When someone yells at you, puts you down or makes you feel lesser about yourself, you’re not so easily aggravated, you will distance yourself, analyze and try to make sense of the situation, you will then make the most responsible an ethical response to the situation.

If someone wants to pick a fight with you, you don’t escalate the fight nor do you retaliate with physical or verbal activity, rather, even if you know you can win, you will try to calm down the situation and be reasonable with what you want as well as what they want.

Women would choose Alpha males over the average joe.

This is true and i’m sure you know it as well, as far as I know there are 3 types of males, the pushover being the one that gets pushed around and trampled on, the beta male which will try hard to appeal to others but will appear as a show off and the all time Alpha male which every man wants to become and every women wants as a partner.

Truth is, women want a strong, healthy, vibrant, in-control and level headed man as their significant other, women want to feel safe and protected and so, who else could offer that to them than the powerful Alpha male.

Alpha males are go-getters and have everything under their belt, they are determined seekers and will act properly according to both the situation and what they think is the best way to deal with the situation.


Becoming an Alpha male can be extremely beneficial for you as well as can bring you a better lifestyle.

Though, no one becomes an Alpha male overnight, it takes time in order to put these key traits into practice.

But remember that once you begin the journey on becoming an Alpha male, you cannot let up because it’s easy to lose the confidence, the determination and all of the key traits that comprises an Alpha male if not put in to practice.

Practice makes perfect and the process of becoming an Alpha male is of no exception.

Comment what you think, and as always, stay safe and shape up for success.

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