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How to create a link on the menu that leads nowhere but has sub items on wordpress

Head to the customise area of your wordpress site:

Once it is open, Head to the menus section:

Select your the menu that appears on your site, in my case it’s ‘Primary Menu’.

Once you select the menu, scroll right down until you hit the bottom and two buttons will appear ‘Recorder’ & ‘Add Items’, click on the ‘Add Items’ Button:

Once you click Add items, A list of possible pages, categories and so on will appear, click on the custom links button:

Once you click on that, two lines will appear.

Within the URL line you will want to add #

Within the label name, you will want to add the name of what you want it to appear as.

Like this:

This will make the custom link to nothing, ensuring that you only have drop down items that you wish to add under this custom link.

Try it out for yourself, and if you have any further questions or wish to reach out, head over to our Contact Us page.

Have a good day everyone.

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