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The Beginner’s Guide to Set and Achieve Goals Successfully

I remember during my university days, one of my seniors used to say, “Don’t let life rule over you; rule over your life.” Setting a goal is just like this way. Therefore, when you want to rule over your life; control your life, setting accurate goals is the right way to do it.

Most importantly, most of us just live life and go with the flow which seems natural. On the contrary, a disciplined and organized life is the way of entrepreneurs. Besides, every successful people have the goals in their mind. It is like having a dream with the right roadmap.

So, if you are new to this and do not know where to go with your dreams in your eyes and goals in your mind, then this beginner’s guide will help you in the right direction; to set the goals and achieve them successfully.

The Importance of Goals

Almost everyone who comes in practical life and wants to achieve something, they know what is the goal. However, it is just a buzzword for many of them to brag about how hard-working and career-oriented they are. On the contrary, most people are blind to the importance of goals.

Firstly, let’s summarize the importance of goals in three short points:

  • Goals are the blueprint of your plans,
  • They give you the right direction towards your destination,
  • Success comes to those, who have clear objectives and goals in their minds before taking any action.

Therefore, if we dig down these points, we dive into the sea of the reasons why goals are important.

Goals give Purpose

Firstly, without the purpose, everything is bland and you cannot go with the wind as a wayward leaf. Instead, you are the human being who is created for the purpose. (Though, everything is created for the purpose). However, goals give the meaning and clear vision to your purpose.

For example, a surgeon practices the surgery to learn the technique. Why? Because he wants to cure the people who are severely injured or hurt. This gives the purpose of his work. In other words, when a surgeon practices his work, he has a goal in his mind; to become a surgeon to do the surgery of the people who are in need. Besides, even his purpose is to make money from his noble profession, he set the goal according to his purpose; to become a surgeon so that I can earn enough money to be rich or buy a luxury home and so on.

In this way, goals are the ones that help you to set your destination as per your purpose. Hence, it gives the meaning of your purpose. In short, goals gives the purposeful meaning to your career, activity, profession and most importantly your life.

Goals Provide the Roadmap

Secondly, you know where you stand now, but do you know where you will be in the upcoming five years or more? If you have some destination in your mind, it means you have set a goal to accomplish. It gives you the roadmap; a clear path where you should land and how you should land there.

For instance, of a mountain climber. A climber has a clear goal in his or her mind; to reach the peak of the mountain. So, if the climber does not have the goal in mind but he thinks that he should go with the flow, he can climb randomly without any destination to reach. Hence, when you have goals, you know where you are going to and how can you proceed with your journey.

Goals Ensure your Success 

Thirdly, when you achieve one goal, it gives you a sense of accomplishment that urges you to your ultimate destination. For instance, if your dream is to become the diva of the fashion industry, you can have multiple goals to achieve; such as getting in the perfect shape, walking with the right posture and confident, making contacts with the high authorities of the fashion industry and so on.

Once you accomplish one goal, it helps you to understand what is your next step. It ensures you that you’ve accomplished something and very little hustles are there to overcome. It helps you to view the success with your open eyes.

The dream versus goals

First of all, goals are not dreams. The common misconception about goals is that they are dreams but they are not. However, if you want success and accomplishment in your life, you have to have both elements in your life.

Besides, can say that goals are the organized form of dreams with a specific timeline. Moreover, having a dream does not mean, you can accomplish it. But goals set the path towards your big dream.

Tips to have SMART Goals

Overall, the real formula to achieve the goals is to set them accurately. It is like having the right ingredients and following an accurate recipe to accomplish the desired fragrance and taste in your food. You need to know what are you making and what is your expected result before taking the action.

Nowadays, the businesses set their goals as per the SMART strategy. We can also take their example to set successful goals:


Having specific goals means you know the right recipe. For example, having a goal like becoming a good author will lead you nowhere. On the contrary, you need to specify your goal to clear out what you should do to accomplish them. Such as, you can have the goal like, “Write a book about contemporary romance which left an impact on the readers”. To make it more specific, you can have the goal like, “Write a book about the contemporary romance of 300k with the twisted plot, heroic actions and tragedy ending to make it more memorable.”


How would you know either you are going on the right path or not. The goals should be measurable to know where you are standing and how much work do you need to do to acquire them.


Do you dream of having the stars within your reach? I think you can have artificial shiny glitters for this purpose. You should have the goals which should be realistic to achieve. Unrealistic goals can leave you exhaust and overwhelming. If you have one big goal, try to set the multiple small goals to achieve it. Attainable goals mean real success.


Your goals should be relevant to your purpose. For example, if you want to lose weight, you should set the goal of avoiding junk food, eating healthy and exercising regularly to achieve your desire.


Your goal should have a specific deadline to accomplish. But set the deadline as per the difficulty level of your goal. For example, if you want to buy your dream house but your trial balance does not do justice, try to have an extended timeline-like five years instead of one year or few months.

Formula to Achieve Successful Goals

As I have mentioned above that setting goals correctly will help you to achieve them. However, there are some important aspects which help you to achieve your goal successfully:

Write Down Your Goals

Sometimes you just forget what is in your mind. Making a journal about your goals is a more organized form to set the roadmap. It helps you measure your goal and brainstorm the possibilities to accomplish them. Hence, you can divide your goals into sub-goals and set a short deadline for each goal to accomplish your big goal.

Reveal Your Goals

It will be too easy to fail if no one knows about your failure. Giving up is also a temptation but when you reveal your goals to someone, it leaves no choice but to accomplish. Human beings are too complex and full of pride. When you know anyone knows about your objectives, you are responsible to answer this person. So, it is better if you brag a little how you are going to achieve your dream. It will push you to work hard.

Be Realistic about Obstacles

Life is not a bed of roses and you will not get sunflowers’ kisses when you set the goals. On the contrary, your plan goes wrong and you can stick with some tragedy. But the bravery calls you to stand up again and overcome what is on your path. So, make your mind before setting a goal. For example, you can anticipate that the publishers can reject your book or you can have several flaws in your writing to achieve your goal to become an author. Be realistic and embrace your failure to overcome your fear.


The human mind is encouraged by the reward system. So don’t forget to treat yourself with the small luxuries after achieving each and every goal. Celebrate your success to have more.

Final Thoughts

As concluded, life is not only about motivation and positivism. On the other hand, having a goal means lots of hard work, patience, and persistence. Therefore, you have to be brave to come out from your comfort zone and become a part of a zig-zag journey to have and achieve goals.

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