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The importance of self-discipline

Discipline and why it’s important for you

As we all know the importance of discipline and how it is a fundamental core value/virtue to have in order to reach success, further success & reach your goals and aspirations.

It is absolutely important to be disciplined and to implement the value/virtue in your everyday life. No one is going to do it for you but you and only you can get yourself to where you want to get to.

I must admit, I still have a very hard time implementing self-discipline in my everyday life, I get side-tracked, I still do thing’s that aren’t even relevant and aren’t doing me any justice in progress toward what I ultimately want and what I want to aspire to, but I still am very disciplined and I do notice the changes in my life when I do implement this virtue.

The majority of us want to be disciplined, however, when the time comes to, we get sidetracked way too often and we begin doing things that aren’t even benefiting us toward what we want at the end of the day/week/month or year.

But before we jump further into how we implement self-discipline, let answer this question…

What is discipline and self-discipline?

What is Discipline?

Discipline does not mean punishment after a preferable mistake is done.

Is it imposition?

Does it take away Freedom?

The answer is none of the above.

It can be summarised as follows:

  • Discipline is loving firmness.
  • It is a direction.
  • It is prevention before a problem arises.
  • It is a great performance.
  • It is a track to run on.
  • It is harnessing and channeling energy for great performance.
  • It is not something you do to others, but something you do for those who care about.

Sometimes you have to be unkind to the kind. Not all medicines are sweet, nor all surgeries painless, but we have to take them.

We all familiar with the big animals,the giraffe. A mother giraffe gives birth to a baby giraffe standing. All of a sudden the baby falls on a hard surface from the cushion of his mother’s womb onto the ground. The first thing the mother does is to get behind the baby and give it a hard kick. The baby gets up but the legs are a week and wobbly, and the baby falls down. The mother goes behind the baby and gives one more kick. The baby gets up and falls down again. The mother giraffe keeps kicking till the baby is able to get on his feet. Why? Because she knows that the only chance of survival for the baby is to get on his own feet, otherwise it will be eaten up by predators.

Is this an act of love? You bet it is. Children brought up in a loving, disciplined environment when they grow up end up respecting their own parents more and become law-abiding citizens. The reverse is just true.

If discipline were practiced in every home,juvenile delinquency would be reduced by ninety-five percent.

_ j.Edgar Hoover.

All credits to Shiv Khera – Google Search

Discipling yourself is another way of showing self-love and appreciation, in the long term your actually enabling yourself to stay on the path that you set out for and take reach your aspirations much quicker.

As I mentioned above, I am still finding it quite challenging to be self-disciplined as I often get bored and side-tracked, but with some minor tweaking with my mindset, I can remind myself what I set out for and why I want it.

So let’s give some scenario’s where self-discipline would play a massive part in your everyday life:

  • You have to wake up super early (Could be 2amm, 3 am or anywhere before 7 am)
  • You have to sit through so many boring lectures at class for study
  • You have to complete the same repetitive motions for hours on end.
  • You have to work when you have the choice not to

And so much more!

What you do now, will affect you in the future.

And this couldn’t be truer, would you rather clack off now just to release a little of the boredom only for it to bite you in the backside later on only 10x as worse, so you just got a small kick and chill time out of it?

Or would you rather persevere through that boredom because you remained disciplined and focused and reap the well-deserved rewards later down on the track?

Yes, I know it can get really boring, so boring in fact that you may want to give up, but nothing good ever came from giving up on what you really wanted right? and this is where discipline plays its role, it allows you to hold onto your convictions, and work that midnight oil, and keep on at it until it’s finished.

At the end of it, you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and joy because you did remain steadfast, you held on strong and you kept on going despite how hard it got because you remained disciplined and this is where you have shown self-love and appreciation.

Think of the many athletes, celebrities, people who are successful and well off.

They must have disciplined themselves so much so that they have fewer distractions now than say the average person, because at the end of the day they’re just people, they’re not some kind of magic, cosmical race that we can only dream of being born of, they’re just human like you and me but it’s because they were disciplined enough to hone their craft and keep at it that got them to where they are today.

With self-didcipline, almost anything is possible

Theodore Roosevelt

Take away

I really hope you found something useful in here that perhaps you can apply to your life to further your own pursuit of success and/or just to live a happier you, remain focused and disciplined and keep at it, I just know you’ll get to where you want to get and what you want one day.

So sound your thoughts in the comment section below, comment something that you would like me to write about and ill consider writing about it as well as giving you a shout out within the post as well, this is James from Shapeup4success signing off and ill see you guys, in the next one.

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