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The people you don’t want to affiliate with

The type of peoples that you should avoid

Hello there, James again.

And in this post, I would like to discuss the types of people whom you don’t want to affiliate yourself with in order to live a happy and non-judgemental life.

If you have been following me or if you know me personally, then you will know that i’ve come across so many different types of peoples, with personalities vastly differing from the last.

As of writing this post, my mother has a disability card and whenever she parks in a disability parking space people would look at her and look at the dashboard and look if she has a disability card or ask her if she has one.

And personally, that’s quite offensive, it’s not only offensive for her but for me as well.

Not because i’m ashamed of my mother parking in a disability parking space, but because there is no respect in staring at a stranger and ridiculing them because of what they did and who they are or just the simple audacity of judging a person you don’t know or have yet to greet and find more about them.

It is understandable though, again as of writing this post my mother is 49 years old, she looks pretty healthy but what people don’t know is that she has around eight different medical conditions (Yes, she is very sick and takes around a dozen pills every night).

People often judge you on your appearance, heck even some elderly people do that and you would think that they would have gained the wisdom and experience from their many years on this earth to at least gain some humility and respect.

But I’m not saying everyone’s like this nor am I calling anyone out.

What I would like to share is the types of people who must tolerate and ignore or attempt to avoid in order to live a happier you, were all humans yes and were all in this together however, some people are at different stages in life and others have yet to experience lifes strifes and hardships to learn that not everything is black and white.

An example can be seen in some spoiled children, they’re given a lot of luxuries to start off with, their parents give them what most children don’t get right off the bat because they most probably had to go through the hard yards to get to where they are now and they don’t want their own flesh and blood to go through what they had to go through.

And that’s fine and all that they started from the bottom to get to where they are now, but to give your children everything without teaching them the value of those items, the prospects that one must learn such as discipline, determination, willpower that comes along with the process of acquiring that ‘something’.

But let’s get back to the point shall we?

Here are five types of people that you must avoid or tolerate and ignore in order to get through your day and ultimately live a happier life:

#1. Arrogant/cocky/know it alls.

Now we all know that person who acts all arrogant and cocky, being a know it all.

We all hate them, we don’t like them and we don’t want to be around them, however in order to make it through the day we need to put up with them.

There’s this older lady (somewhere in her 40’s or early 50’s) that I worked with, she’s so grouchy and acts like a know it all, she’s not a permanent worker there (only a temp) however from what i’ve heard, almost all of the permanent staff don’t like her because she acts like a know it all.

And that’s fair, no one likes someone telling you how to do things properly all the time, because truth be told, everyone has their own way of doing things, what one person might find easy and efficient may be difficult and challenging for another and the same applies to the way things get done.

#2. Judgemental people.

Truth be told, we are surrounded by judgemental people.

From family to friends to your partner/spouse.

Everyone around you is judgemental, however there are those that take the word ‘judgemental’ to a whole new level and will gossip about you to their friends perhaps either because they have a distaste as to what you’re doing and how you do it, they have a phobia or simply because they want to feel better about themselves so they pick out a flaw or two about you and will talk about that to their friends.

Do you remember how I spoke about people (even elderly) judging my mother about parking in disabled car parks and asking her if she has a disability card?

Well, those are the type of people that you will want to avoid as well, it’s not entirely their fault as life’s strifes and hardships make us judge things a bit more harshly, mainly due to what we fear and come to fear.

#3. Manipulators.

I’m sure you know at least one or two people who manipulate others?

Thing is, it can be quite challenging to look out for people who can manipulate others too!

However, they are many and there are more around you than you think? another thing is, is that people become adept at and start manipulating others because of the hardships that they’ve had to go through throughout their lives, thus they conform to societies standards and what life can do to you and do unto others what’s been dealt to them.

In some cases it’s not entirely their fault, it’s just what life does to you, and you can either choose to fight against it and become who you want to be, or you succumb to life’s and societies whims and you become essentially what they’ve dealt to you, and you do what they’ve done to you.

#4. people who are a bad influence.

I’m sure your parents have told you to stop hanging out with this kid or that kid because they’re a bad influece on you right?

Or perhaps you may have heard that from your teacher or someone on tv.

This couldn’t be more true, and we should listen to them, because this is good advice and ultimately is what is best for us in the long run.

We don’t want to go backwards in life, we don’t want to be driven down, we should aspire for greatness, to be better than we were yesterday.

But you won’t be able to aspire to great things in life if you continuously surround yourself with people who are a bad influence on you.

Find people support your ideals and dreams, surround yourself with people who can add to what you find passionate and can lift you higher.

#5. Fakers/Dishonest people.

For lack of a better term I have used the word ‘Fakers’ to describe people who would tell you whatever you want to hear just so they can get what they want in the end, but deep down they don’t really mean it.

They only say yes because the want the benefits of whatever comes with saying yes at the point in time, so be careful about these type of people, as you could pay for it in the long run.

Make sure that the person has a clean record of honesty and good behaviour, pay attention to their body language and their tone of voice, if you’re able to do that then you can tell the difference between fakers and the truly honest.

There are more than one types of people or groups that you don’t want to affiliate yourselves with in order to live a content and carefree life, however this is not to say that those types of people are a disease or an infection, almost everything in life is circumstantial and this is of no exception.

So people who are of the type listed above aren’t always going to be like that and weren’t always like that, the majority of us conform to these types because of the hardships and the strifes that we often experience through life.

It isn’t entirely our/or their fault that we become like this.

It’s quite unfortunate and becoming these types is often due to a lack of important aspects within our lives that most of society arounds us has and gets to experience.

Whether it be an important role model, a parental figure, lack of environmental safety, where and how we grow up, there are various aspects that could influence how we become.

But as this is just a post of wanting to make you aware of the people that you should try to avoid to live a happier you, voice your thoughts in the comment section below and as always, stay safe out there.

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