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The truth about most businesses and why it’s important to find self-employment

The truth about most businesses and why it’s important to find self-employment.

You’re probably thinking well if it were easy, of course, I would be earning my own income instead of working under others. Yes, I know that with all great thing’s in life takes a lot of work and perseverance, and pursuing self-employment is certainly not an exception!

Self-employment is a dream come true for most people, being in charge of your own income stream(s), taking charge of your life and the direction you want to head in, becoming financially free and successful, never having to answer to anyone and others telling you what to do and what not to do.

does that sound like something you want and you would like to strive for?

Numerous studies have shown, and in my experience (And I’m sure yours too) that financial stability is the predominant and major indicator of stress or how your finances play a big part in your stress levels and your overall health and mentality.

We often worry over where our next payment is going to come from in order to pay for the many expenses in our lives such as bills, groceries, food for our pets (if you have one), or we may want to go on a vacation with our family and friends, but we live in a society today when we are ruled by the demand and exchanging of currencies for services and because of this, we become slaves working from 9-5 jobs that we would rather just stay home and do something else than to be a part of that job.

And in working under others, you’re confined to earning under a certain limit and not as much as the person who does own the business that you’re working for, and this fact is obvious.

You’re probably not being paid as much as you’re worth am I right? you deserve more, you deserve to be happy and free, you deserve the finer things in life and I want to help you get there, heck I myself want to get there!

But running your own business and not as easy as putting two and two together, you have to calculate budgets, expenses, payments, logistics, materials and so on and so forth.

But what if I told you that you do have the opportunity to create some type of self-sustaining income/revenue stream, though it still takes a substantial amount of work to get a business off the ground (and I mean really difficult and challenging), it is surely well worth it in the long run.

Why am I telling you that there is more opportunity to create a self-sustaining business nowadays? because of the introduction of new technologies as well as software, social media platforms and so forth, the opportunities are growing/expanding thus presenting to us a number of new possibilities to which we could start from.

For instance, Im devoting my spare time to my blog ( so in hopes that I can eventually make a full-time living off of, there are a number of ways that one can make money online now days, opportunities to earn a living wages aren’t solely tied to working from a 9-5 job, but the chances of making money online are less compared to manual labor, but it is the financial freedom that you must keep in mind.

I would like to present to you 10 awesome ways/methods at which you can create an income/make some money online, but before I do that, I would like to tell you why what I think that it’s imperative that you create your own source of income and the truth about most businesses (now I’m not calling every business out and claiming this and that about them, but this is the truth about the majority of them).

The truth about most businesses

The truth about most businesses is that (and this is pretty obvious, I’m sure you know this by now) they don’t really care about you and your health as a person, they may claim that they do care about you and that they look after their employees, but they’re just telling you this so to entice you to work under their heel, now I’m not saying this to discredit businesses, I mean it’s only natural to work your employees to unintentional exhaustion however, this should not be the way of life.

Not all businesses are bad, however, the companies that I have worked for personally have indeed shown that they care about me, and that I have noticed that, however, there are the odd one or two that would push me to the extent of depression.

Now I want to bring this even more so to your intention because I would like to help you be free of the worries of financial stress, I would like for the both of us to create for ourselves a self-sustaining lifestyle to which we can pride ourselves from. To be free from the slavery of working under the heel of another, being limited to so and so.

As I mentioned that within my country, the majority of companies that I have worked for have treated me well and have shown compassion, but as I also mentioned that this has not always been the case, first and foremost as we go through experiences in life that have molded us into the people we are today, we put ourselves first above others (at least until a certain age), we often put our own wants and needs above others (and it’s only natural).

Businesses won’t like it when you get sick and have health problems, if you start to show signs that you get sick frequently they will try to find a reason or create one to get rid of you (despite being there for how many years and have shown dedication and commitment to the company).

They hate it when you attempt to claim a scheme that when you become ill, they pay you for so long and you don’t have to work, and as I mentioned previously, they probably don’t pay you as much as you’re worth.

And as mentioned above, creating a business is a very challenging thing to do, you must be willing to take initiative, become a leader and to take on the majority of problems that present themselves along the way.

So, there are opportunities now that which you could take advantage of in making money both online and in-person (within your local area), and here are 8 of them listed below:

10 of the best and most recent ways of making an extra income for yourself.

#1. Uber or something similar

Do you enjoy driving? even if there is busy traffic about on the road, are you able to navigate easily through uncharted territories? or perhaps you think that you’re an amazing driver? well, why not use these skills to your advantage and earn some money while you’re driving other people to where they would like to go?

When working for an uber or offering to drive other people around to their desired destination for compensation in the form of PayPal, you’re essentially choosing your own times to work, working at your own schedule so depending on how much you want will determine how much time you’re willing to put forward to working.

#2. Online Surveys

I personally think online surveys are a waste of time, it’s exactly earning less than what you deserve but I’ve come across so many reviews saying that it’s a good way to earn some money on the side, now this is not to say that it will earn you some long term income or a huge amount, but it’s enough to supplement what you already have, its super easy (all you have to do is to answer a couple of questions per survey).

So if you have a lot of spare time, an extreme amount of patience and tolerance for what is absolutely boring, then, by all means, check into online survey platforms such as Swagbucks, inbox dollars, and survey monkey/survey junkie.

#3. Investments in online stock

As I mentioned previously, with the introduction of new technologies and software comes plenty of more opportunities, one of these include investing in online stocks, be very careful though as the fluctuations of the stock are constant, at one point it’s at an all-time high, the next second it’s going down, then before you know, it’s going up again.

So if you have quite a bit and want to into investing, know your way around the investment industry and can predict the demand of what people need, then by all means investments in online stock might be a good choice for you.

#4. Trading and earning digital currency

Did you know there’s an online currency? I know right it’s crazy! a currency that’s online? I mean who governs it? answer to that is no one! it is a decentralized encrypted unit at which can be exchanged for real money or PayPal, some people trade for fun, most trade for wealth, some people believe that digital currency is the way of the future.

The most famous of these digital currencies are called: Bitcoins, you can buy an ASIC Miner to mine these bitcoins (but keep in mind that the pricing of the power costs to keep the miner running is astronomically high, If you would like to mine bitcoins for free while not using any power compared to the miner, download a software that mines bitcoin in the background while you browse, it’s called: Cryptotab Browser.

Download Cryptotab Browser, and start earning Bitcoins today!

#5. Invest in real-estate

Real-Estate, I know you know what real-estate is.

It’s the investment, purchasing or selling of either land, a House unit or both.

if you’re already wealthy or got money lying around, you could look into investing or shared investing which is investing with one or two others and if its a profit, the profit is split two or three ways.

#6. youtube

Create a youtube channel, you don’t even need to invest large amounts of money in the hardware and security, all you need is an editing software like photoshop or adobe software, and confidence in either showing your face on the camera and voicing your opinion to others.

#7. Make an app, a plugin or create an E-Book?

Making an app for a mobile phone, tablet, pc or another device, maybe you could create a plugin for a larger website like WordPress, or maybe you like to write, create your own book and publish it on Amazon Kindle to sell?

Your number of choices are limitless, so go ahead and look more into it if you want.

#8. Create a blog

This is a great opportunity to create your own income, there are a number of methods to make money in which you can implement to supplement the earning’s on your blog, there are beginner – intermediate – advanced bloggers who are earning 5k – 50k – 100k per month on monetizing ads on their site and selling a few things here and there alone – if you would like a step by step plan on creating your very own blog – click here.

And these are only 8 of many other ways at which you could make your own money.

As I’ve said many times throughout this post, I think that it is imperative that you pursue the route of self-employment and earning your own money. When earning your own money, you’ll also care more about yourself and what you’re doing as a business model, you won’t be cutting yourself short because obviously you care about yourself and you deserve more.

Take away

I would really like you to succeed and take control of your own life, where your money will come from and be financially free, from someone who comes from a broken home, worrying about finances and the bills when I was a kid, being too afraid to go out and live life how every other kid should be able to do.

Financial freedom is a steep price to pay, just imagine being free of all those worries that are money related and being able to travel where and when you want, yes you’ll have to invest a heap of time into what you’re trying to turn into self-employment, a lot of effort and tolerance to strive through the boredom, but it’s worth it in the end.

It gives you so much more confidence than the week ending when you get your paycheck, you’ll be thrilled at freeing yourself from financial stress as well as being at the heel of company brutality.

But again as I said, there are some companies that do care about you and will take care of you.

Nevertheless, though, you should strive to create your own source of income at which you can take pride off of.

Bringing this to a close, I really hope you found this article to be helpful, did you take something from it? perhaps you’d like to forward an idea for the next post, maybe even contribute a post yourself!

Sound your thoughts in the comment section below, and as always stay safe everyone.

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