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Top 5 ways to make money blogging

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Do you want to start a Blog? perhaps you own a blog right now and you’re wanting to make money from it rather than it just being a hobby/side project that you work on during the weekends.

What if you could replace your 9-5 daily job with this blog of yours, writing for money, now that’s not to say it’s going to be easy nor am I saying that after every post you’ll be swimming in cash coming in.

For intermediate to veteran bloggers, you know that it takes a lot of time and effort to lay the groundwork of a blog, pushing content and information out to earn even $0.50.

For bloggers who are trying to do this for money, the majority of them tend to give up even after a few months because of how their blog probably isn’t gaining any traction and an audience and ultimately isn’t generating any sort of revenue.

And this sucks because the ultimate goal we’re trying to do with our blogs is not only to provide useful content to the public/your readers but to earn an income with it as well.

But this takes time, as much as you want it right now, all great things in life take time.

But you may know this already, so you know that it takes more than just setting up the basic backend of your site and pushing out a few posts and expect money to come rolling in.

You have to make the layout of your site appealing to your readers, to capture their attention/look nice, to be easy to navigate through your site and to easily be able to find what they are looking for.

Okay so, how can you start generating money while you push out content after content.

First off you will need an audience who will be interested in reading what you have to offer and perhaps even keep coming back for more, we can do this through social marketing, email marketing, and SEO, but in this post, we are talking solely about how we can generate money on our blogs.

5 top ways to earn money on a blog.

Here, I am going to list 5 of the best and most lucrative ways that you can earn money on your blog, remember that none of these implementations are going to work overnight, but given enough time and work, the potential is limitless!

Let’s begin with…

#1 Advertising Platforms.

This is one of the two main ways of how bloggers and sites earn money, advertising platforms/networks are company’s who connect you with advertisers who would want to display their ads throughout your site.

It’s up to you where you want the ads to be placed throughout your site, as you can see throughout my site, I have some ads running here and there.

As we sign up to Ad networks, we are known as publishers (People who allow the advertisers to display their Ads on our sites).

Now, I don’t know exactly which Ad unit is CPM, CPC and pays with ECPM, but the most common way Advertisers pay is through either CPM, CPC or both.

CPM stands for Cost per mile (mile = per 1000 impressions or views) and CPC being cost per click (You get paid each time a user clicks on an ad on your site).

You don’t just get paid from one section of Ads from only one page, you get paid per Ad unit so let’s say you have 3 Ad units on one page and 1000 people read the content you have on that page and come across those Ad units as they are scrolling.

You get paid for them viewing 3 of those Advertisements (3×1000=3000).

Let’s do some quick maths.

let’s say an advertiser is willing to pay $2 per 1000 views on your site.

now 3 of those adverts together will equate to 3000 impressions or $6 because you’re being paid for having 3 Advertisements.

Cost per click or CPC speaks for itself and you’re paid per click that is generated when someone clicks on an advertisement shown on your site.

usually, cost per click pays more than CPM not only because CPM requires at least 1000 views for that Ad to generate you some money but because it’s less likely that someone will click on that ad.

So why not join an Ad network for yourself? There are a ton such as:

These are just a few of the many Ad Networks that I know of, I am currently with Adsterra with boasts to pay the best CPM compared to most (if not all) the other Ad Networks out there.

The setup is really easy and their Ads are super easy to implement, however, I don’t believe that this Ad Network is the best out there and I am currently on the waiting lists for other Ad Networks which many reviews say that they offer one of the best payouts out there,

#2 Affiliate Marketing.

This is the second of the two main ways that Bloggers like you and I would make money with.

Affiliate Marketing is essentially promoting other people’s products and if someone purchases that product or one of those products through the link that you’re promoting the product through, you get a percentage of the selling price of the product.

I’ll give you an example, here ill be promoting Bluehost:

Bluehost is my favorite goto when I want to host a website or Blog, Start your first Self-Hosted Blog with Bluehost’s Affordable prices now 🙂

If you purchase a plan through the banner/link that I have provided above, I receive a very small commission of what that plan cost.

This is, of course, no extra cost to you, and may even cost less than the original price because you purchased it through my link.

Here’s another one if you might be interested in what Affiliate Marketing can do for you and how it can change your life:

If you purchase either of these two, then I will receive about 25-40% of whatever they’re worth (again, at no extra cost to you).

So Affiliate Marketing can be very lucrative if you’re willing to put in the time to market the products, the great thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you have an almost unlimited inventory of stock, the company to which you’re promoting their product handles the shipping and everything else, all you have to do on your part is to promote the product,

Sounds awesome right? why not give it a go today?

#3 Selling your own digital product/course.

Another popular way to earn money from blogging is by selling knowledge/what you know through digital courses, videos, packages, plans, and Ebooks or membership subscriptions.

This is another very lucrative way to earn money from your blog because whether you’re selling an Ebook, a bunch of videos and a pdf or a membership subscription, you’ll have unlimited stock/inventory, therefore, rendering your earning potential almost limitless if not.

People crave knowledge, as you know knowledge is power and with power, more opportunities open up to you.

So why not delve into this? create a course or something that you can sell on your site.

#4 Write sponsored posts/guest posts.

Surely you didn’t think that I was talking about writing posts on your own site, did you? because I know that you’ve been doing loads of that, no what I’m talking about is writing sponsored posts/guest posts on other people’s sites.

But how will this generate revenue for you?

You can negotiate with an admin, a co-founder or even the owner itself of a site that you want to write a sponsored post for, of course, you may need to provide samples of your own work and how well you write, and if will meet their expectations.

Nonetheless, you can negotiate a price and if both you and they agree, you could be paid quite handsomely depending on a variety of factors like how many words is your post going to be, how in-depth are you going to go in the topic you’re writing about, how fast you can deliver it in and the exposure your site has, how well known are you.

Furthermore, not only can you earn money from negotiating a price, but you can also create backlinks to your site from this method, backlinks are links from one site to another, essentially your creating a link when you’re signing up to another site as a contributor or an author of a post(s).

This is good for site exposure, and backlinks are very important in getting your site out and about/by word of mouth and for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

So go out and find someone whom you think would like some more sponsored posts on their blog/site.

#5 Freelance your services.

Since you’re most probably adept at writing posts and articles (I’m assuming), why not hire your own services out to others as a freelance author, sponsored post writer, or perhaps you would like to partner in a project with someone.

Either way, freelancing your services can be a very lucrative way to earn more money on your blog.

Create a separate page dedicated to telling others about what you can do, what you will do and how much you will charge.

If you have experience in other areas other than writing content such as research, personal experience about using a product, reviews, editing, software, SEO management and more, then why not showcase that too!

There are also websites such as Fiverr & Freelancer that you can either find freelancers or find projects that you could take on depending on what you’re able to do.

So why not think about expanding your horizons and freelance your services today.

It would be a dream to Blog, wouldn’t it?

Replacing your day job with blogging for a living.

There are some Bloggers out there who are making Tens of thousands of dollars every month from blogging, which is something I would love to aspire to.

And most of them are able to make those figures using the methods mentioned above, in most cases all of them in combination.

So why not be your own boss and try Blogging today?

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